Meet Our Staff

Design Consultants, Inc. has been serving our clients and communities since the 1960’s. Our firm was incorporated in 1972. Over the past 51 years our goal has always been to provide state of the art professional building design services with spaces and environments that are pleasing, and comfortable, that satisfy the needs, intents and goals of our clients.

Craig S. Bush

  • A.S. Degree in Architecture
  • Project & Design Lead
  • Project administration and supervision
  • Joined the firm in 1981

M.J. Klinker

  • MBA, Professional Engineer
  • Licenced Engineer: Indiana, North Carolina
  • Project administration and engineering
  • Joined the firm in 2017

Carrie L. Bush

Secretary & Treasurer
  • Corporate Secretary
  • Business Accounting
  • Joined the firm in 2018

Our Mission

Our Mission is simple. DCI aims to provide our clients with the highest quality of professional design services, beginning with ourselves, our attention, time and talents. Our goal is to be able to provide our client, through collaboration and teamwork, a facility that satisfies and fulfills their vision for which they engaged our team.

  (765) 664-8011


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